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MSR J Day Offroad GP & Sprint Enduro

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2016 J Day Race Location Info. & Media

Offroad Race Highlights

TCX Recap Rd 4 MSR Enduro Engineering Wizard GP
TCX Recap Rd 4 MSR Enduro Engineering Wizard GP

The TCX Monday Morning Race Reports TCX Recap Round 4 Enduro Engineering Wizard GP May 15, 2016 Lempster, NH...


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All riders must be J Day Offroad members for 2016. Memberships are required to reserve your 2016 number.

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MSR J Day Offroad GP  &  Sprint Enduro

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  • MSR J Day Offroad Rd 4 GP Track

    Rd 4 GP Track Update & Class Opening

    Last night the rain watered this track the old fashioned way 😍 Cheers to mint conditions 🔥 Also please...

  • JDay Offroad Membership

    2016 J Day Offroad GP Event Schedule

    2016 J Day Offroad 8:00 AM (Pee Wee SR) (Pee Wee Bantam, Pee Wee Trail Rider) (Pee Wee Squirt) ** Pee...


Resurgence Trailer

Resurgence: The Official J Day Off Road Movie is ready to launch this spring! Check out the Official Trailer for this off road masterpiece!

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