JDay Offroad Sprint Enduro

Sprint Enduro Info Video

Sprint Enduro

The Sprint Enduro is designed for all racers.

  • No license/Registration, no light, no enduro time keeping.
  • Just three timed Special Tests.
  • Woods Test (Trail) Cross Test (grass track) and XTreme Test.
  • No Transitions sections.
  • Each rider will be required to hit each test a certain amount of times depending on if your Pro, A B C or Youth.
  • The Rider with the lowest combined time at the end of the day wins.

If your familiar with Enduros this probably makes sense. Either way please check out our 16 minute video about how our Sprint Endruo Format is going to work and what to expect  Sprint Enduro 2015! #JDayOffroad #SprintEnduro #JDaySprintEnduro