Membership & Race Fees

Membership & Race Fees

ANSR J Day Offroad GP

Parking Fee: $10 Per Person

One Day Membership: $20

2017 Yearly Membership: $40

MotoTally Transponder: $20 (Sorry No Rentals)

GP Race Fee: $40

*We only accept Cash or Check at the Track

J Day Offroad GP Membership Details:

J Day Offroad Memberships are required for championship events. You can choose between a one day membership or a yearly membership

Yearly Memberships can be purchased at the track on race day(Cash or Check Only) or at our website at the following link:

We work through paypal and memberships can be purchased with a credit card, debit card or Paypal account.

On race weekends, our Online Membership system closes Friday nights at 8 PM.

Day memberships can only be purchased at the track on race day.

One Yearly Membership is good for ALL J Day Off Road Series and events

Transponder Details:

We use MotoTally Transponders.

The model we use, looks like a sticker and we place them underneath the visor of your Helmet.

They are thin like a sticker so don’t worry, you will not see it, nor feel any extra weight on your helmet. If you are purchasing a transponder, please bring your helmet to the Registration Trailer so that our scoring team can install the transponder for you.

Transponders can only be purchased at the track, you can not purchase them online.

We only have two types of lines at the J Day GP Registration Trailer. Post Registration and Pre Registration. You can purchase a Transponder in both of them.

If you think you already have a Mototally Transponder from an old J Day event or another racing organization, please bring your helmet to sign up and if it works…You’ll be all set!

Race Fee Details:

There are two ways to register for a J Day GP.

1. The first and best way is to register is online. If you are already a J Day Off Road Member, you can sign up online at the following link:

Online event registration opens the Sunday Night prior to the event at 8 PM EST. It Closes the Friday night prior to the event at 8 PM EST.
We recommend signing up online because classes can fill up quickly.

Once you are Pre Registered online you will then need to head to the Pre-Registration line at our registration trailer on race day.

You will need your helmet so please bring it. This line is much quicker than the post registration line and is only necessary for a signature, Transponder Inspection and a Minor Release Form if you are under 18 years of age.

2. The second way to register for a J Day Event is at the event on race day. Our Registration trailer opens at 6 AM on race day and does not close all day. We accept cash or check.