2017 J Day Sprint Enduro Class Changes

2017 J Day Sprint Enduro Class Changes
December 30, 2016 John Day
J Day Offroad Sprint Enduro Vintage Class

The 2017 JDay Sprint Enduro Championship will also receive a couple class changes for the new year.

The 4 new classes include: Vintage Retro, Vintage Evo, Junior B and Mini C.

The JR B and 2 vintage classes will go off with the 10 AM Heat and Mini C will go off with the 8 AM Youth Heat. With the success of the Netra Vintage Scrambles here in NE, and the growth of vintage interests in general…. we have dabbled with the idea of adding vintage bikes for several years in the GP Series, but there is simply no room for any more classes. The common single track in the sprints will better suit the Vintage bikes compared to the whoops and chop in our GPs…. We think it will be a perfect fit!

Like the GP Series, unfortunately the Pro/A 125 class will no longer be a championship class in 2017.

*Quick Notes on the new Vintage classes:
Vintage Evo- Any bike over 25 years old, with drum brakes front and rear
Vintage Retro- Any bike over 25 years old (Full details on the vintage classes can be found in our J Day E Rule Book in 2017) The 2017 Sprint Enduro schedule will be announced on New Years Eve 👌🏻🎁

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