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The Stateline GP MSR Race Report

The Stateline GP MSR Race Report
June 14, 2013 John Day

STS Motorsports Stateline GP

Hoosick, NY

Race Report- Tyler Lewis

Photos- Tara Santheson & Jason Connell

With eight pro motos planned for the STS Motorsports Stateline GP weekend, the racing fans were guaranteed wheel-to-wheel racing action and “edge of your seat” excitement. When the flag dropped, Jon Girroir grabbed the first moto Holeshot with Kyle Hangos, Josh Cennamo and Jason Klammer right on his rear wheel. Halfway through the moto, Girroir and Hangos where wheel-to-wheel, with Cennamo and Klammer battling for third, when the checkered flag came out it was an almost unrecognizable Girroir with the moto win with Hangos, Cennamo, Klammer and Kordana rounding out the top five.

Johnny G after battle

Johnny G after battle

In-between motos the JDay track crew worked their magic to reroute some of the super deep rutted muddy fields, which cut lap times and increased the number of laps from six to eight. In the 125 Pro class Johnny Girroir finished first in moto 1 which was impressive considering he is still riding with a broken foot!  In the second moto Kyle Hangos grabbed the early lead in the moto and never looked back finishing 30 seconds in front Girroir. With the second moto win Hangos took the overall in the pro 125 class for Saturday.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

With the final moto of the day on the line the racers where prepared for the gnarliest mud moto in years.  When the flag dropped it was Jason Klammer who led the pack of pros around the first corner to grab the STS Motorsports Holeshot award. The first lap had Klammer, Girroir and Hangos duking it out for the moto win. After two laps Girroir started moving back in the pack and eventually pulling off from extreme sickness.  With Klammer way up front with three laps to go, it was a battle for second between Hangos, Cennamo and Kordana. With the overall win inches away, Hangos got stuck in the extremely muddy field section allowing Cennamo and Kordana to get by!  Moments after that on the final stretch before the finish line Kordana got by Cennamo on an extremely rutted slippery downhill section to take over second in the moto. Cennamo would take third, Hangos fourth and Justin Salo fifth.




  1. Jason Klammer 4-1
  2. Josh Cennamo 3-3
  3. Kyle Hangos 2-4
  4. Nick Kordana 5-2
  5. William Harkness Jr. 6-6 (A-250)
  6. Justin Salo 7-5
  7. Dylan Corcoran 5-13 (A-250)
  8. Luke Yanke 10-9 (A-200)
  9. Adam Johnson 13-7 (A-250)
  10. Ryan Vezina 6-8

After the final moto Saturday, the JDay crew worked all night to cut new trails for Sundays race.  With the majority of muddy trails/fields removed, Sundays track was going to be a breathe of fresh air for the J Day racers.  The sun was shining and the track was lined with spectators, when the flag dropped for the first pro moto. Johnny Girroir had an explosive start, putting in lap after lap of blisteringly fast lap times. Second places Josh Cennamo would give way to the hard charging Jason Klammer who was trying to catch Girroir. The battle for third was the one to watch this moto with Josh Cennamo, Dylan Macritchie and Kyle Hangos; it was a tight race right up until the photo finish where all three riders finished with in feet of each other. The real stand out ride of the day was Macritchie who started in 13th on lap one and worked his way up into fourth place by the end of the moto. The moto ended with Girroir leading wire to wire with Klammer in second Cennamo in third and Macritchie and Hangos rounding out the top five.

Girroir salvaging some valuable points with a broken foot

Girroir salvaging some valuable points with a broken foot

The 125 class saw some wide open racing on Sunday, while Saturdays second place rider Jonny Girroir opting to sit out the 125 moto to concentrate on the Pro moto, Kyle Hangos won both 125 pro motos for the day in convincing fashion.

Kyle Hangos remains the points leader in both Pro classes

Kyle Hangos remains the points leader in both Pro classes

With three of the four pro motos in the books already Johnny Girroir had won two and Jason Klammer has won one and an overall from the day before, you could feel the tension from the sidelines. When the flag dropped Klammer snagged the STS Motorsports Holeshot award and lead the train of pro riders around the track. On the second lap Girroir got around Klammer but Klammer never lost sight of Girroir. The two came through scoring only seconds apart lap after lap. With only one lap to go everyone was wondering who would emerge from the woods with the lead as well as the overall victory for the day, the first bike to cross the finish line was Jon Girroir with Jason Klammer right on his tail, third Kyle Hangos fourth Dylan Macritchie and rounding out the top five Nick Batten.



  1. Jon Girroir 1-1
  2. Jason Klammer 2-2
  3. Kyle Hangos 5-3
  4. Dylan Macritchie 4-4
  5. Josh Cennamo 3-6
  6. Nick Batten 7-5
  7. Nick Kordana 8-7
  8. Jason Connell 6-12
  9. Beau Viens 10-9
  10. Justin Salo 12-8

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